Apr. 24th, 2010

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Well, another alumni show has come and gone, and boy did it go quick. Here's this year's playlist:

Hour 1:
Sammy Davis Jr. - Sonny Boy
Too Much Joy - Crush Story
Guadalcanal Diary - Litany (Life Goes On)
The Connells - Something To Say
The Connells - Back In Blighty
Mighty Lemon Drops - Written In Fiction
Material Issue - Valerie Loves Me
Inspiral Carpets - Caravan
The Godfathers - Unreal World
Boom Crash Opera - Onion Skin
Lime Spiders - Weirdo Libido
They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Brownsville Remix)
They Might Be Giants - The Mesopotamians
Camper Von Beethoven - Take The Skinheads Bowling
The Dead Milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro
The Housemartins - I Smell Winter

Hour 2:
Shoggoth on the Roof Soundtrack: Victim of Victims
The Fleshtones - Hide 'N' Seek
The Fleshtones - B.Y.O.B.
Tom 'T-Bone' Stankus - Existential Blues
Napoleon XIV - They're Coming To Take Me Away - Ha-Haaa!
Mark Freeland - The Vegetarian Song
Leonard Nimoy - The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
New Model Army - White Coats
Midnight Oil - Kosciusko
Moxy Fruvous - Pyschokiller
Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi
Collective Soul - The Bugaloos
Art of Noise - Close (To The Edit)
Tom Waits - Earth Died Screaming
Neil Hannon - So Long And Thanks For All The Fish (Special short choppy version, aka the CD skipped so much we had to stop playing it early.)

And yes, there are repeats. There are always repeats, since I only do this once a year and forget what I played. :)


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