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She got me a present for my cubicle at work - a little cutout of Liberace, all dressed up in his stars and stripes outfit with the fringe and the tiny little shorts.

He is currently chilling under some sparkly gold stars I already had up.

I love my sister. <3

Woo Who!

Apr. 29th, 2010 03:38 pm
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Finally getting my CD copy of 'City of Spires'! It should be week. I am chuffed.

And apparently, I am also stuffed. In the nose, that is. Stupid spring colds.
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Well, another alumni show has come and gone, and boy did it go quick. Here's this year's playlist:

Hour 1:
Sammy Davis Jr. - Sonny Boy
Too Much Joy - Crush Story
Guadalcanal Diary - Litany (Life Goes On)
The Connells - Something To Say
The Connells - Back In Blighty
Mighty Lemon Drops - Written In Fiction
Material Issue - Valerie Loves Me
Inspiral Carpets - Caravan
The Godfathers - Unreal World
Boom Crash Opera - Onion Skin
Lime Spiders - Weirdo Libido
They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Brownsville Remix)
They Might Be Giants - The Mesopotamians
Camper Von Beethoven - Take The Skinheads Bowling
The Dead Milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro
The Housemartins - I Smell Winter

Hour 2:
Shoggoth on the Roof Soundtrack: Victim of Victims
The Fleshtones - Hide 'N' Seek
The Fleshtones - B.Y.O.B.
Tom 'T-Bone' Stankus - Existential Blues
Napoleon XIV - They're Coming To Take Me Away - Ha-Haaa!
Mark Freeland - The Vegetarian Song
Leonard Nimoy - The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
New Model Army - White Coats
Midnight Oil - Kosciusko
Moxy Fruvous - Pyschokiller
Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi
Collective Soul - The Bugaloos
Art of Noise - Close (To The Edit)
Tom Waits - Earth Died Screaming
Neil Hannon - So Long And Thanks For All The Fish (Special short choppy version, aka the CD skipped so much we had to stop playing it early.)

And yes, there are repeats. There are always repeats, since I only do this once a year and forget what I played. :)
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It's here! It's here!

If you want to tune in, just go to and click on the listen live button!

(You can listen to me specifically from 10-12 tonight if you want but if you can't, do feel free to tune in whenever you want. There's going to be some good stuff this weekend!)

I am using too many exclamation points and I don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not that anyone cares, but. :)

I'll be on-air from 10pm - 12 midnight (Eastern) Friday, April 23rd. That will be this Friday, so if you're bored, go to and click on the 'listen live' button!

And if there's something alternative you want to listen to, comment below and I'll see if I can play it. (Assuming I can find it and someone before me hasn't played it and it's not full of swears, that is.)
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Right now it looks like I'll be doing the 10-12 pm (ET) shift on Friday, April 23rd, which is WAY better than last yeas overnight shift.

If anyone wants to listen, go to and klick on the 'Listen Live' link. (I believe you'll need Windows Media Player to listen, IIRC.)

I don't have any ideas for themes, so it'll just be a matter of playing things I like that a certain sibling of mine and whoever it is that is following her haven't already played.
Go look at the tag if you want an idea of the odd stuff I generally play. :)
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That is all.
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Make me think of Eddie Izzard. This bit from Glorious, specifically:

"So it’s a big hole in the whole thing. I mean, with the humans, we understand the idea of good and bad; evil and very, very good – saintly, I suppose, but with animals? What, in fact, is an “evil giraffe”? How do they…? “I will eat all the leaves on this tree. (mimes eating leaves) I will eat more leaves than I should… and then other giraffes may die. (evil chuckle) I am an evil herbivore!” (mimes the giraffe walk) It’s very difficult to be evil. “I will hide berries where no one can see them.” (evil chuckle)"
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*peers to the North*

Y'know, I think that I can almost hear the entire country of Canada going absolutely nuts from here.

Congratulations to Team Canada on winning the Gold for Hockey!

(I'm still a little bummed, cause of the Buffalo connection in team USA, was a good game.)
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You know what works well when you're feeling down? Balls out rock and roll.

(Yes, even with muddy sound.)
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Originally posted at [ profile] dietennant back in 2008. Since I don't think I actually posted this in my journal then, I'm going to do so now. If I'm wrong, oh well!

Note: this is hosted on Photobucket so apologies if it goes foom at some point.
I really need to get these started earlier so I am not posting them at 6 am, but oh well. Another [ profile] dietennant inspired macro, wherein Nine comes up with another crackpot plan. Spoilers: TSE, Journey's End, casting spoilers for series 4 and one offhand Sarah Jane Adventures reference. These are BIG HONKING SPOILERS if you have not seen those episodes so do not make with the clicky unless you want to be spoiled. 40 images. Images from Time-And-Space , mostly, text by ROFLBOT. Oh yeah, and NSFW.

Spoilers Ahoy! NSFW for naughty adult concepts and language. )

Somebody please thwap me if I have forgotten anything and I shall fix ASAP.
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Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm supposed to be lurking. I feel chatty-ish, so too bad. :)

Survivor Season 20:
Go Rupert! It'll be a little strange watching and going, "Hey. I met this guy!" I've done stranger, though. :)

Amazing Race:
Jordan and Jeff from Big Brother? Ugh. Stunt casting. But watching the Philiminations is always worth it, and I do enjoy the show, so...

CTV coverage all the way, baby. (God bless you, Canadian TV, for being where I live)

Kids In The Hall - Death Comes To Town
(speaking of Canadian TV, heh)
I started watching this and was not liking it. It had the whole 'Brain Candy' vibe going and there was very little about the first two episodes I enjoyed. And then, in the third episode, all of a sudden it was funny. And the past two weeks have been really great. I don't know if it's because I'm actually starting to get to understand the characters or if I got past the most recent round of feeling old because they're old or what, but now I am loving it - and will miss it while the Olympics are on.

I think I am at the point where I don't really care if it gets renewed or not, which is a shame. It never has been as good as it was in Season 1. I've enjoyed some of this season, but...the finale was so anti-climatic (Although the casting for a certain character was amazing).

Superman line. That's all I'm gonna say. :)

Too much damn Sonny. STILL. And I kinda want to punch Elizabeth in the face a lot. But hey, it's background noise while I exercise, and weirdly helps keep me motivated. So you may all point and laugh for 'watching' a soap opera, but I am back to losing weight, so go me!

I sleep now.
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Let’s make a TARDIS wave throughout LJ.
When you see this entry, post a picture of the show (aka Doctor Who) on your own journal.
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Got the save the date email - it'll be from April 23rd until April 25th. So I need to ask for the day off of work on Friday and see if I can't get an evening shift, as well as figure out what pain and, I mean what wonderfully fun music I should play.

Hm. I do have that Davy Jones album. Maybe bring that and a copy of some of Frazer Hines' stuff and do cheesy 60's music as the theme? I'd have to hit some estate sales or the Salvation Army or something though and try and get enough music that I can work it in in between the usual stuff and nonsense (and make sure there's actually needles for the turntables).

Eh, I'll have to think about it when I'm a little less brain fried.


Jan. 20th, 2010 06:00 pm
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If anyone has seen my brain, please bring it to the front of the theater, along with Magenta's eyeballs. Thank you.
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I miss 10 terribly.


I'm going to enjoy 11.

Yeah. I said it.

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Happy New Year, everyone!
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Apparently I get to have lurgy for christmas! Lucky, lucky me.
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So, I've finally delved into the realm of Doctor Who audios - and because I'm currently on a 'must get my hands on as much Jamie stuff as I can' kick, I picked up "The Glorious Revolution". I haven't finished it just yet, but so far, I am tremendously impressed by Frazer Hines's ability to do the Second Doctor's voice. There are parts where if I didn't know better, I would /swear/ Patrick Troughton came back from the dead to do the role.

I'm definitely going to get "Helicon Prime" as well.


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