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Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm supposed to be lurking. I feel chatty-ish, so too bad. :)

Survivor Season 20:
Go Rupert! It'll be a little strange watching and going, "Hey. I met this guy!" I've done stranger, though. :)

Amazing Race:
Jordan and Jeff from Big Brother? Ugh. Stunt casting. But watching the Philiminations is always worth it, and I do enjoy the show, so...

CTV coverage all the way, baby. (God bless you, Canadian TV, for being where I live)

Kids In The Hall - Death Comes To Town
(speaking of Canadian TV, heh)
I started watching this and was not liking it. It had the whole 'Brain Candy' vibe going and there was very little about the first two episodes I enjoyed. And then, in the third episode, all of a sudden it was funny. And the past two weeks have been really great. I don't know if it's because I'm actually starting to get to understand the characters or if I got past the most recent round of feeling old because they're old or what, but now I am loving it - and will miss it while the Olympics are on.

I think I am at the point where I don't really care if it gets renewed or not, which is a shame. It never has been as good as it was in Season 1. I've enjoyed some of this season, but...the finale was so anti-climatic (Although the casting for a certain character was amazing).

Superman line. That's all I'm gonna say. :)

Too much damn Sonny. STILL. And I kinda want to punch Elizabeth in the face a lot. But hey, it's background noise while I exercise, and weirdly helps keep me motivated. So you may all point and laugh for 'watching' a soap opera, but I am back to losing weight, so go me!

I sleep now.
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Okay. I admit it. I am hooked on many a reality show. I just got done watching 'Big Brother All-Stars', which I loved. And at first, it was because of my favorite, Marcellas. But then, Dr. Evil crept into my heart and stole so utterly with his made for a really fantastic season. Boogie was quite excellent, too. (Duh, he won.) So I may have to get a "Chilltown" shirt. And submit my cat to be considered as a contestant. Not that I'd actually let them have him, but they need a house with a cat. I'd try out too if I was about 60 pounds lighter. :) Heavy funny guys ala Chicken George can work (and yes, I grew to like him too, I admit it). Heavy funny girls? Not so much.

I would be sad now that it's all over. But it is a mere 16 hours or so until 'Survivor' starts. And then there's 'The Amazing Race' on Sunday. So I am quite content.
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What on /earth/ were the producers of BB7 /thinking/? Chicken George???

Yeargh. Between him, Danielle, Alison and Janelle...ugh. The mind shudders. And brings up thoughts of death. Preferably with lots of blood.

At least they had the good sense to put Marcellas in. I adore Marcellas. I admit it.

And no Cowboy. Thank GODDESS.

Sorry. I'll shut up now. :)


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