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Northern Sun has it as a poster and a t-shirt and a buncha other stuff. :)

In other news, work is slow slow slow. Please Gods, let it stay like this...
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I decided to treat myself a little, so I picked up a 1/4 pound of Jamaican Blue Mountain. For those not familiar with it, it is an excellent tasting but very pricey coffee - running anywhere from $36.00 to $50.00 a pound depending on the market and the place. Alas, the place where I went to get it was 49.99, so that 1/4 pound was $12.75. Sounds like a lot of money for a little coffee, right?
I did the math, though. I have a little thermos that keeps my coffee nice and hot, so what I would normally do during the workweek is stop off at Starbucks. (Not my favorite place but the only one where I actually have time to stop and get a drink.) Now, I cannot stand the regular coffee at Starbucks - every time I've tried it's got a burnt edge to it. Doesn't matter what type of bean, either. I think it's something with their roasting process. However, I don't seem to notice the same problem with the espresso based drinks, so I get those. My little thermos holds about a grande cup worth of drink. So. 5 days, 5 espresso based drinks... If I get 5 mochas, I'm looking at roughly around 15 dollars for the week, not counting tips. (Having been a barista for 5 years, I know tips are appreciated. :) ) And the espresso drinks...well. It's Starbucks. They're drinkable but not the best in the world. This coffee, however...I have never and I mean never had such good coffee.

So I treated myself. Not something I'll do all the time (I don't always get mochas five days a week either), but well worth the cost.


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