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The 29th Annual WBNY Alumni Weekend is set for April 15 - 17, 2011. More to follow, assuming I get an air shift this year.

Also, still very sad over hearing about Nicholas Courtney's passing, but I'm failing at coming up with words right now, so I'll just put up the discussion post link here. Edit: Here is a link from Tom Baker's blog, also.

And work is eating my face so that's all for now!
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That is all.
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Originally posted at [ profile] dietennant back in 2008. Since I don't think I actually posted this in my journal then, I'm going to do so now. If I'm wrong, oh well!

Note: this is hosted on Photobucket so apologies if it goes foom at some point.
I really need to get these started earlier so I am not posting them at 6 am, but oh well. Another [ profile] dietennant inspired macro, wherein Nine comes up with another crackpot plan. Spoilers: TSE, Journey's End, casting spoilers for series 4 and one offhand Sarah Jane Adventures reference. These are BIG HONKING SPOILERS if you have not seen those episodes so do not make with the clicky unless you want to be spoiled. 40 images. Images from Time-And-Space , mostly, text by ROFLBOT. Oh yeah, and NSFW.

Spoilers Ahoy! NSFW for naughty adult concepts and language. )

Somebody please thwap me if I have forgotten anything and I shall fix ASAP.
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Let’s make a TARDIS wave throughout LJ.
When you see this entry, post a picture of the show (aka Doctor Who) on your own journal.
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I miss 10 terribly.


I'm going to enjoy 11.

Yeah. I said it.

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So, I've finally delved into the realm of Doctor Who audios - and because I'm currently on a 'must get my hands on as much Jamie stuff as I can' kick, I picked up "The Glorious Revolution". I haven't finished it just yet, but so far, I am tremendously impressed by Frazer Hines's ability to do the Second Doctor's voice. There are parts where if I didn't know better, I would /swear/ Patrick Troughton came back from the dead to do the role.

I'm definitely going to get "Helicon Prime" as well.
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I still am having the Holy CRAP reaction. Maybe I'll put up a more detailed reaction post sometime in the future.

But for now:


Thank you, please drive through.
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Spoilers below in case you are currently not following the wankfest that is [ profile] doctorwho at all the past day or so:
If you click, you will be spoiled. Honestly. I mean it. But you know you want to click. The clicking is calling you... )

So...I think I'm okay with it for now. We'll wait and see how he turns out in 2010!
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(x-posted to [ profile] horrible_fic)
Title: Nick of Time
Author: Akadriver
Characters: Dr. Horrible, Penny, 10th Doctor, Captain Hammer, brief mentions of Bad Horse, E.L.E and the Mayor
Rating: PG
Words: 1,305
Disclaimer: Insert standard disclaimer about neither Dr. Horrible or Doctor Who not being mine here. I just am borrowing the characters temporarily and I promise to make sure they are all nice and shiny clean when I put them back. Much love to Joss and RTD. :)
Spoilers: Through Act III of Dr. Horrible
Summary: What if something happened in what would be considered the "nick of time"? Would it make any difference? AU fic.
Notes: You know when you’re working on one fanfic and then something eats your brain and you NEED to write this other fic in order to get it to stop eating your brain? That’s pretty much this. :)

Penny watched in trepidation and growing horror... )
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Warning: This post contains spoilers about the season ender for Doctor Who. Ye have been warned!

I'm feeling a little bitter here, which is kind of a shame. )
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Damn you, RTD. Damn you all to hell.

Spoiler-y discussion and speculation below )

Can I throttle RTD without going to jail for assault? Just a little? Please?
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*warning, the below reaction post may contain naughty words and spoilers if you haven't seen the episode. Parents, shield your children's eyes.*

Holy. Fucking. Shit. )
It's going to be a long, long, long week.
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I should go to bed. Instead, I made this:

Not entirely happy with it, but that's mostly things I can't change (closed trench, mouth too large).

What do you think, sirs?

Edit to add: In case you were curious, it was made through :)
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I will admit, I am not a Rose/Doctor shipper (either 9 or 10), but I was listening to this song on my iPod, and could see it working in a shippy video. Being the old, out of touch person I am, however, I have no idea how to actually go about getting the stuff to make the video, but I figure I'll at least share the song. I see it more as a Rose/10 ship, for some reason.

The Brunettes - If You Were Alien
If you were alien, an extraterrestrial torn in two missing home
I would leave my world, board your silver rocket ship
Blast off to the stars, just we two
If you were alien, an intergalactic girl missing your friends way up there
As I hold your hand we'll zip past the planets and pass the milky way, ork 'n' alf's malmack
I'll be with you, yes just we two
And steer clear of the ones ruled by apes
Sha la la la la la la la la, sha la la la la la la
If you were alien I'd call you my martian man
Bake banana cake as you drive us through the doom
Of scary asteroids that could smash us all apart
When autopilot's on we nap an hour or two
But what if the world went pop?...I'll be with you
Still do you really think that'd be enough?...yes just we two...we'll start anew.
And steer clear of the ones ruled by apes.
Sha la la la la la la la la, sha la la la la la la
Say goodbye to all night t.v.
I guess I'll miss my ma and pa
But as long as you are near me
The distance won't hurt as much
If you were an alien girl I'd kiss your alien lips.
And if you want to vacate this planet I don't mind a one-way ticket
If you were an alien girl
I'd call you my martian man.
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Okay. It's 4:30 in the morning. But I nearly died somewhere around the middle here so I am sharing.
Warning: spoilers for Season 3 (New) Doctor Who in the pics.
K, so I bin thinkin...
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Outpost Gallifrey just announced that David Tennant has been confirmed as the 10th Doctor. I've not seen this actor, so I meandered over to the IMDB and...he's six months older than me. Almost /exactly/.

There is something deeply wrong with a Doctor the same age I am. Deeply, deeply wrong. Plus, I'm really starting to dig Christopher Eccleston in the role. Ah well. I suppose it's a side effect of the aging process when you have a show as long-lived as Doctor Who.
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What kind of Doctor Who companion would you be?
by carmen_lj
You are from19th century Earth
You arrive in the TARDIS when youare sent by the White Guardian
You travel withthe eight Doctor
You leave when youfall in love
You are remembered asbouncy and fun
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!


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