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So, so wonderful. Er. I mean Horrible. That's right, Horrible.

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It was only a matter of time before this happened. And I SO want to do this now for UBCon...

Also - I just d/led the soundtrack from iTunes. People are gonna be looking at me oddly on the bus tomorrow, yup yup.

Edit: Apparently there been some embed weirdness foo. Try this link if it doesn't work.

And yes. This is part 1 of 6. But I like putting 'Bad Horse' in people's heads so I just put this one up. Hee.

Edit the second: Not only did people look at me oddly on the bus, my sister kept yelling at me to turn off the iPod when I was listening to the soundtrack at work. Soon, I will turn her to the Horrible side...
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(x-posted to [ profile] horrible_fic)
Title: Nick of Time
Author: Akadriver
Characters: Dr. Horrible, Penny, 10th Doctor, Captain Hammer, brief mentions of Bad Horse, E.L.E and the Mayor
Rating: PG
Words: 1,305
Disclaimer: Insert standard disclaimer about neither Dr. Horrible or Doctor Who not being mine here. I just am borrowing the characters temporarily and I promise to make sure they are all nice and shiny clean when I put them back. Much love to Joss and RTD. :)
Spoilers: Through Act III of Dr. Horrible
Summary: What if something happened in what would be considered the "nick of time"? Would it make any difference? AU fic.
Notes: You know when you’re working on one fanfic and then something eats your brain and you NEED to write this other fic in order to get it to stop eating your brain? That’s pretty much this. :)

Penny watched in trepidation and growing horror... )
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Okay, so. I was super super looking forward to "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog". Positively giddy with anticipation, right? And we were /SUPPOSED/ to have the computer back in time to catch it before it went away. Alas, it was not back until after it was taken down from the site. But then, it was put on iTunes, and again, I was giddy with anticipation. Anticipation which was somewhat dampened by my husband not wanting to risk the computer going flooey with the necessary updates I'd need to watch it. But I can get the DVD when it comes out, he says. Frustrated, I pretty much go listen to every song - some very lovely person posted the songs with still pictures on YouTube. I try and convince myself that I can wait until the DVD comes out. Or maybe I can wear the hubby down if I keep trying. But then I get on tonight and find that Hulu is streaming it for free again! There is much rejoicing! I am still absolutely buying both DVD and soundtrack. Or making Ben buy it for me. :) But for now I get to watch it! *happy happy dance*

And damn, Neil Patrick Harris has a fantastic voice. Who knew?


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