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You know what works well when you're feeling down? Balls out rock and roll.

(Yes, even with muddy sound.)
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The Fleshtones were in Buffalo last night, promoting their new album "Take A Good Look". As is the case with The Fleshtones, the evening was pretty much guaranteed to be a fantastic time. Now, you may wonder why I tend to babble about The Fleshtones to the exclusion of other bands, and why I push their shows more than, say They Might Be Giants, who are one of my other favorite bands. The reason is simple, really. TMBG has achieved a lot of success over the years, and while they are not as big as some other acts that would fill a stadium, they are a bit higher on people's musical radar than The Fleshtones. You go to a TMBG show and it is always pretty full. Not always sold out, but there are plenty of TMBG fans around wherever they go. I have been to Fleshtones shows where there are maybe 15 or 20 people there. Last night was actually a very pleasant surprise, as the Mohawk Place was fairly full. But even when there's not a lot of people there, The Fleshtones seem happy to play, and always put on a good show. Still, I think that more people should be exposed to this fantastic band, therefore I babble about them. Unfortunately, it is too busy at the moment for me to babble specifically about the show, so I will have to try and do that later.
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New album = new tour. And I saw today on the website:

Fleshtones 10 April 2008 :20.00 hrs Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY

Posted By: Steve

It's a Thursday, so I'll be hung over and miserable at work Friday but...the Fleshtones! So, so worth it. I am chuffed.
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Despite all my fears, I did get to go down and see them last night. It wasn't one of the best shows I've seen from them - mostly because I was tired for most of it (although my level of energy picked up near the end). It also seemed like a smaller crowd because this was the first time they had played there since Mohawk Place expanded its state. I think it might have actually been a bigger crowd though. Hard to tell without knowing numbers. :) But it was still a fun show, with the usual playing right down in the crowd and sometimes on the bar antics that one gets to see when they play. Plus I got to hear the 'Girl From Buffalo' version of 'Girl from Baltimore'. Annnnd I now have a somewhat beat-up poster autographed by one Mr. Peter Zaremba. I went up to talk to him briefly after the show, and he offered. So I took him up on the offer. Then [ profile] squidexplosion and I stopped at Jim's Steakout, munched some grub and headed home. All in all a good evening.
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Yes! They /are/ coming back to Buffalo at the end of April. It's on a Thursday, but I don't care!! Must go! Must...experience...balls...out...rock...and...roll. Must...stop...channelling...Shatner...

Hm. I think my theme for my Alumni weekend show is going to have to be tweaked some. I was going to do a tribute to Doctor Demento. Now I think I must remove a few songs and have a hearty chunk of the Fleshtones.

Mm. I love this band.


Aug. 25th, 2003 03:49 pm
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I jinxed it. I was all excited about the Fleshtones show, and the bassist cut his hand and...well. It was a bad cut. They cancelled their shows for the weekend. And I find this out late enough in the day that by the time I could get to work, I'd be done for the day. So I lost a day of pay and didn't get a kick-ass concert out of it.

Hopefully they'll come back at the end of the tour.
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T-minus 9 days until the Fleshtones, baby! Mm. I am looking forward to this show, 'cause it's always a good time. And I took the day off of work, so I get a three day weekend. It'll be busy, cause I've got stuff to do on Saturday and enough stuff on Sunday that I'll have to /choose/ what I want to do. But it'll be fun.


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