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So. GenCon.

Things I did not do: Get any autographs. Play any demo games. Get a reasonable amount of sleep. Eat at that one place that offered some yummy looking sandwiches because I forgot the name of it.

Things I did do: Ate at Noodles and Company too many times. But so tasty! Ate a lovely bacon and leek tartlet at Claddagh Irish Pub (And had a Guinness, of course). Went on the Zombie walk as a 60's flower child zombie. The line above was actually heard more than once on that. :) Played in You Too Can Cthulhu, which I've wanted to play for 3 years now. IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT, PEOPLE. Best damn game ever. Played in a Doctor Who game, a Buffy Game, the usual Who's Line Is It Anyway Game and premiered the very villainous Professor Generic, who successfully got into the Evil League of Evil...well, on a semi-permanent business, and as part of an auxiliary all-female part of the league, but girl power rules so it's all good.

Also, Professor Generic is available for your low-cost Evil Needs, although the weapons do tend to be yellow and black...

Spent way too much in the dealer's room, got my damn steampunk goggles and realized my outfit is very Girl Genius. Wore it all day Saturday anyway. Melted from the heat at lot. Still sore from all the walking!

All in all, had the usual great time!! Can't wait until next year. Pictures coming...uh, when I'm arsed to actually upload them.
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Got my GenCon badge and event tickets a couple of days ago, so I can hold them and pet them and generally get all excited about going.

Also got my Great Big Sea tickets for September - they'll be playing at the Harbor again, and that was an excellent show! I should probably remember bug spray this time, though.

And TMBG are playing a Flood show in Cleveland right around my birthday, so my sister and I are considering taking Greyhound out there. That would be an awesome birthday present, since I got into TMBG when Flood came out.

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about right now - they're all pretty much neck and neck in terms of making me happy and bouncy. :)


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