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As always, the show was fantastic - there's nothing like going down to the harbor and listening to great music while watching ships go by.

I was further away from the stage than I was hoping, as I had not anticipated a line all the way through the naval park and finding the end of it took forever, so I could not molest Murray, sorry [ profile] jkpolk. I can state he was waring a green shirt, though, and looked very fine.

I kept trying to see if Alan still had the beard. I really did not get a good look at him as a very very tall gentleman about five rows up blocked my view of that half of the stage a lot of the time, so not a lot of Murray either. /And/ a tree blocked my view of Bob on the right most of the time. So I looked at Sean a lot. I prefer Alan, really, but Sean's very nice to look at.

The set was a lot of their older songs, and a nice mix between the bouncier I-must-do-vertical-movement-right-now songs and slower songs. I pretty much got to hear everything I wanted: Lukey, General Taylor, Turn, Consequence Free, Mari Mac, Ordinary Day, England, Excursion Around the Bay, and, of course, Old Black Rum. Hubby wanted Walk 0n The Moon and did not get it, alas.

I tried to sneak a couple of pictures on my cell phone camera but all you get is bright lights and a bunch of people in the way, so I'm not going to stick them up.

But still, an excellent, excellent show. My hip has completely stiffened up and hates me and I don't care. :)
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It is currently a long, long week, but with the promise of Great Big Sea at the end of it. Which is both exciting and making the week seem that much longer...

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Plugity plug plug!
Fri. Aug 15 Buffalo Place Rocks The Harbor - Erie Canal Harbor Buffalo, NY Tickets on sale Saturday, May 31 at all Ticketmaster locations, by phoning 1-716-852-5000 and online.
All Ages / Gates open at 5pm!

Bought my tickets, and the fees actually aren't too bad for Ticketbastard. :)

It's gonna be a looooooooong time until August, though.
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Yay! Great Big Sea is playing Rocks the Harbor weekend in August! Plus Zappa plays Zappa is playing Thursday in the Square also in August and apparently a very cool band with friends I know are opening for Spirit of the West...well, okay, that's on July 31st, but that's close enough to August. I wonder how many days I can get away with taking off that month...

*bounces around all happy-ily*
*should really get some sleep*
*doesn't want to, wants it to be August*
*just looked and realized the Mickey Hart Band is playing in July as well*
*wonders if she could just take the whole damn summer off*
*is probably really driving people bananas with doing this*
*will stop now*
*okay, now really*



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