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[Error: unknown template qotd] Once upon a time, this poster was exposed to many different types of music. The Beatles. Barry Manilow. Frank Zappa. John Williams. All good, with the possible exception of Barry Manilow. But my mother liked him so I got to "enjoy" his music. As I grew older, this exciting thing called MTV came into being. Music and video, wrapped up into one neat package. All sorts of fantastic new wave artists with freaky but cool hairstyles and nifty makeup. So many diverse and excellent choices for bands to become a fan of. But the first band I truly considered myself to be a fan of? A band that wasn't even originally a band. A foursome thrown together for a television show meant to capitalize on the popularity of the Beatles. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. I was a fan...of the Monkees. Now, to be fair, puberty had kicked in with a vengeance and I was mad for Davy Jones, so I blame that for my original choice. Still, it didn't stop me from collecting all the albums, seeing them on tour (minus Mike) and even writing Davy a fan letter and getting an autographed shirt out of the deal. I lost that shirt later. My musical tastes have changed drastically since then, but I still miss that shirt.


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