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Originally posted at [ profile] dietennant back in 2008. Since I don't think I actually posted this in my journal then, I'm going to do so now. If I'm wrong, oh well!

Note: this is hosted on Photobucket so apologies if it goes foom at some point.
I really need to get these started earlier so I am not posting them at 6 am, but oh well. Another [ profile] dietennant inspired macro, wherein Nine comes up with another crackpot plan. Spoilers: TSE, Journey's End, casting spoilers for series 4 and one offhand Sarah Jane Adventures reference. These are BIG HONKING SPOILERS if you have not seen those episodes so do not make with the clicky unless you want to be spoiled. 40 images. Images from Time-And-Space , mostly, text by ROFLBOT. Oh yeah, and NSFW.

Spoilers Ahoy! NSFW for naughty adult concepts and language. )

Somebody please thwap me if I have forgotten anything and I shall fix ASAP.
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Figured I'd put it here, too, in case anyone on my FL is interested. :) Cut for fail and spoilers for Season 2, Ep 1 of "Torchwood". Crossover with Season 1, Episode 3 of "Angel: The Series". Screencaps from , text by roflbot, with much love to RTD and Joss. 11 pics, likely dial-up unfriendly.

Mmm. Spike. )
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Okay. It's 4:30 in the morning. But I nearly died somewhere around the middle here so I am sharing.
Warning: spoilers for Season 3 (New) Doctor Who in the pics.
K, so I bin thinkin...
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LOL80's: A Picture Thread

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(not my macro,, borrowed from the thread... :) )


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