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I'm on vacation, and so far I have spent two days on a train, two days at the New York Renaissance Faire and one day taking care of other matters. It's been a pretty full schedule. But I am back upstate and trying to put together some scrambled thoughts. It's not really working.

The Faire, as always, very awesome. Because I got to see the Crimson Pirates, in part. Because I got to see the Crimson Pirates with Dan O'Driscoll in very large part (long story, but let's just say for now the fact we went this past weekend was as very serendipitous). We picked up the new album and Ben bought me this great custom pin from Fellowship Foundry. It just says 'Om Nom Nom' on it. (I'm also getting a butterfly dragon goblet I'm not supposed to know about but I wandered back too early, so, um, oops. I told Ben to give it to me for Christmas so hopefully I will forget about it by then. Unless of course I read this entry. Heh.)

I also have discovered that yes, I can still blush. Rather a lot. See, this is what happens when someone who pretty much defines your NYRF faire experience since the early 1990's actually chooses to 'play' with you during a song ("Black Velvet Band", in this case). So. Yes. I matched parts of my outfit very nicely.

The Crimson Pirates, btw, did a wonderful job of covering 'Bow to Stern'. There was a completely kick-ass version of "A Sailor's Prayer" done during pub sing which I will link to if I can ever find video of it. Until then, here's "Rocky Road to Dublin". (For those of you not familiar with the Crimson Pirates or Dan O'Driscoll, he's the one in the middle.)
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I really really really really want it to be July so that faire season starts. It's like an itch that I can't quite scratch, and it's strange that I'm so hyped. Not that I don't enjoy going to faire but it's usually not a situation where I'm looking forward to it this much. I think part of it may be my costume. It's actually a cohesive costume (except for the boots which...well. I /have/ a pair that are two sizes two small for my feet. Need to fix this and soon!) and I've got a persona which I enjoy, even if I can't do a pirate accent to save my life. So maybe that's it. I wanna go to faire NOW and be a pirate. Arr. :) No patience. That's me. :)


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