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Got my GenCon badge and event tickets a couple of days ago, so I can hold them and pet them and generally get all excited about going.

Also got my Great Big Sea tickets for September - they'll be playing at the Harbor again, and that was an excellent show! I should probably remember bug spray this time, though.

And TMBG are playing a Flood show in Cleveland right around my birthday, so my sister and I are considering taking Greyhound out there. That would be an awesome birthday present, since I got into TMBG when Flood came out.

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about right now - they're all pretty much neck and neck in terms of making me happy and bouncy. :)
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The Fleshtones were in Buffalo last night, promoting their new album "Take A Good Look". As is the case with The Fleshtones, the evening was pretty much guaranteed to be a fantastic time. Now, you may wonder why I tend to babble about The Fleshtones to the exclusion of other bands, and why I push their shows more than, say They Might Be Giants, who are one of my other favorite bands. The reason is simple, really. TMBG has achieved a lot of success over the years, and while they are not as big as some other acts that would fill a stadium, they are a bit higher on people's musical radar than The Fleshtones. You go to a TMBG show and it is always pretty full. Not always sold out, but there are plenty of TMBG fans around wherever they go. I have been to Fleshtones shows where there are maybe 15 or 20 people there. Last night was actually a very pleasant surprise, as the Mohawk Place was fairly full. But even when there's not a lot of people there, The Fleshtones seem happy to play, and always put on a good show. Still, I think that more people should be exposed to this fantastic band, therefore I babble about them. Unfortunately, it is too busy at the moment for me to babble specifically about the show, so I will have to try and do that later.
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I got to do the Summer Artist Spotlight on WBNY this past Friday, which I completely forgot to plug. Bad me. But I got to play three, count 'em, three hours of They Might Be Giants goodness. (And I got to complain that the Spine Tour is not coming anywhere near Buffalo at the moment. Grumble.)
So I'm going to torture you all with my setlist. But it will be LJ-Cut so it doesn't completely scroll everyone's screen. :)

TMBG Summer Artist Spotlight Set-list!
Read on, fellow Giantheads! )

All of the show was done with two CD-rom drives as I was under the mistaken impression the third one was broken. It wasn't. Made for some interesting juggling, to be sure. And a lot of stretching to cue up the next song as I was talking. But a lot of fun!

P.S. New TMBG album "The Spine" being released TOMMORROW! Guess what I'm picking up as soon as I get paid.... Hm. Mebbe I'll get a new T-shirt, too. Or Linnell's State Songs, as I wound up borrowing [ profile] squidexplosion's...


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